Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff Name Title
Pat Becker Faculty
Ginger Bennett Business Office
Kelly Bennett Administrative Assistant
Clancy Bourgeois Faculty
Karen Castleberry Administrative Assistant
Harry Champy Faculty
Carol Cox Lower School Principal
Dwayne Daniels Upper School Principal
Lauren Danner Faculty
Katie Davidson Faculty
Alan Dills Faculty
Joann Drake Faculty
Windy Echols Faculty
Beth Feizet Faculty
Scott Fugate Faculty
Kagan Fulford Faculty
Al Gainey President
Fe Gladden Faculty
Teresa Gruver Faculty
Beth Kesler Faculty
Leanne Kinney Faculty
Ruth Ann Knight Faculty
Debbie Lee Director of Institutional Advancement
Traci McBride Academic Dean
Emily McCoy Executive Assistant
Amy McGee Faculty
Heidi Meyer Faculty
Brian Morris Faculty
Ana Negrete Faculty
Belinda Nowland Faculty
Heath Padgett Faculty
Carol Peck Faculty
Jennie Peplin Faculty
Rebecca Purcell Faculty
Katie Pybus Faculty
Beth Reece Lunchroom Manager
Sherry Reed Admissions Director
Tabetha Reid Faculty
David Roberts Director of Athletic Programs
Shannon Shackleford Faculty
Whitney Sherman Faculty
Maritza Skelton Faculty
Scott Sklenar Dean of Students
Claire Sloan Faculty
Sandy Snelling Faculty
Verna Stewart Administrative Assistant
Tina Stubbs Faculty
Pandy Thomas Faculty
Michele Uhrinek Registrar
Elaine Walls Business Office
Karen Walsh Faculty
Becki Walters Faculty
Todd Weiner Director of Athletic Advancement
Ric Williams Faculty
Reese Winkler Faculty