Shadow Days

Shadowing Students:
1. Arrange to shadow must be made in advance through the school office. Contact Mrs. Reed at 678-630-1678.
2. Shadow students may bring schoolwork from their school to complete during the shadow day. Please ask your instructors for your work in advance if possible.
3. Students that shadow are to report to the School Office between 7:30-7:45 a.m. and stay for a half day unless given permission to stay the entire school day. The lower school office is located in the East Lobby of Chestnut Mountain Church.
4. Students will be assigned to a LCA student leader to shadow. They will be expected to remain with the assigned student leader throughout the day.
5. Students are to dress as close to the LCA dress code as possible. Our students are asked to wear their school uniforms (khaki pants/ skirts/shorts, and a shirt or blouse with a colar and sleeves). If LCA is having a dress-down day, or other special dress day, shadowing students may participate. Please contact school office if you have any questions regarding dress.
6. LCA will expect parents to send a lunch with their student(s). You may bring money to purchase snacks/drinks during the lunch hour.
7. Guest students are not permitted to use a cell phone until dismissal. We would prefer that students meet their parent in the school office at dismissal.
8. School hours are 7:45-3:15 p.m.