Lanier Christian Academy will provide the opportunity to field competitive athletic teams in a variety of inter-scholastic sports. Coaches, parents, spectators, and student athletes are expected to participate in these programs using Christian principles, policies, and practices designated in the Student/Parent handbook and espoused by Lanier Christian Academy.  It is our firm belief that excellence will be achieved through the implementation of fair play and Godly character.  Recognition awarded to the school for athletic achievement will be a testament to the glory of God for all athletic accomplishments.

The goals and objectives of the LCA Athletic Department are to provide an arena, through competition, for the emergence of maturity in Christ by developing Godly moral character, servant-leadership, time management, and excellence.

  1. To develop student athletes that understand and appreciate the foundation of preparation, discipline, practice, and sacrifice.

  2. To develop the concept of team work, cooperation and servant leadership.

  3. To provide our student athletes and parents with guidelines and assistance in promoting sportsmanship and fair play.

  4. To provide a program to our student athletes that provides guidelines and assistance in developing academic success.

  5. To be Christ honoring throughout student athletic careers with the time and talents that God has blessed them with.