Why Give?

Thank you for your interest in supporting Lanier Christian Academy.  At Lanier Christian, we view the many gifts from our community members as a form of trust.  You are not giving TO Lanier Christian Academy, but THROUGH Lanier Christian Academy.  Our graduates are making a difference.  Your gift shows your dedication to quality education and to your belief in our mission to educate the kind of citizens who will make a creative, lasting difference in the world in which we live.  Every student’s educational experience here is enriched by a tradition of giving.  The expertise, time, and resources of our parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Lanier Christian Academy are investments in our students.  Your gift ensures that more students can have access to the opportunities available through a Lanier Christian Academy education. 

So thank you for your continued support.  As we partner with or parents to educate Christ-centered, servant leaders, you can be assured “Your gift does make a difference!”

Thank you for your investment in the lives of Lanier Christian Academy students.  There is no doubt the rewards will be seen in eternity.

Debbie Lee

Director of Institutional Advancement