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Friday, September 21, 2018





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            Thank You Mr. Daniels!

        You Will Be Missed!



Article written by; Ms. Bailey Jarnagin


On Friday, September 21st, Lanier Christian Academy will say goodbye to one of its beloved principals, Dwayne Daniels.  Daniels has been a member of the LCA family since he retired from the Hall County School system in 2013.  


"He quickly became a leader that everyone looked up to," said Brian Morris, Campus Pastor.  "He served as the upper school principal that year but did so much more.  He led students on separate middle and high school retreats, coordinated chapel, managed busses and facilities and was heavily involved with the athletic program.  In his second year he helped implement a discipleship program. He really was the jack of all trades."


When North Georgia Christian School merged with Heritage Academy in 2016 to form Lanier, Daniels was a key reason the two schools quickly became one family: "He worked tirelessly alongside other administrators to make the transition as smooth as possible," Morris adds.  "He has truly given so much to the school."


Becki Walters, another LCA principal, echoes Morris' statement: "God used Dwayne Daniels to help form the foundation of Lanier Christian Academy.  I am grateful to have worked with and learned from Dwayne."


Daniels did not only make the transition smooth for the schools from an administrative standpoint, but he also helped the faculty and staff adjust to the change.  One teacher, Pandy Thomas, states, "I appreciate the openness and kindness that he showed to me, the faculty, and staff during our transition.  I felt like I was a part of the school before we even moved locations."


Since the two schools merged and became LCA, Daniels has continued working diligently to help faculty, staff, and students alike.


David Roberts, Director of Institutional Advancement, recalls, "In all of the years that I have worked with Mr. Daniels, I have always appreciated his wisdom.  He loves our students and is always thinking of ways to make coming to school at LCA be a blessing to them and their families.  His work ethic is inspirational.  I'm not sure anyone really realizes the breadth of expertise he put to work at LCA in so many different areas.  His fingerprints are all over our handbooks, our schedules, our events, our trips, and our athletics.  There is little doubt that LCA is a better place for having had Mr. Daniels walk our halls.  I wish him the best in his new calling, and LCA will surely miss him."


Michele Uhrinek, Registrar, says, "Playing devil's advocate with Dwayne has kept me on my toes and helped me remember to be mindful of looking carefully at all the angles before making a decision.  [To Daniels] Thank you for all that you've poured into the school and our students-you leave us with many legacies and will be so missed.  "


President Al Gainey shares, "Dwayne is a special friend.  he has been invaluable to me and LCA.  Many students would not have grown in Christ had it not been for Dwayne modeling Christ's example of unconditional love and living out what a true servant's heart really "looks like".  And, as he always says, "God loves you and so do I".  Well, Dwayne, God loves YOU, and so do WE"!


Other faculty, such as administrative assistant Karen Castleberry, also recognize the impact of Daniel's often stated phrase, "God loves you and so do I."  Castleberry says, "Our faculty, staff, and students at LCA have benefited from him modeling what Jesus would do in any situation."


Speaking to Daniels, Castleberry continues, "Thank you for pouring the love of Christ into our students, faculty, and staff.  God brought you to LCA for a season and while you will be greatly missed, I know that God will use your gifts and talents to bless the ones He has sent you to serve.  I heard from a former student that they missed your announcements in the mornings where you always ended it with "God loves you and I do too."


God is still using Daniels at LCA even as he follows God's calling to Dalton.  Another teacher, Claire Sloan, shares the thoughts she had when Daniels announced where God was calling him:  "God spoke to me during his farewell address to the faculty and staff.  I will pray daily that God will equip me for His call on my life. [To Daniels] Thank you for this reminder.  You will be missed!"


The LCA family is thankful for our years with Dwayne Daniels.  LCA will continue to pray for Daniels as he moves forward in obedience to God. 








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