The Lightning Round

Tuesday, October 24, 2019


walk of faith wrap up!

We praise God for an outstanding Lightning Walk of Faith on October 11th! We can’t thank you all enough for volunteering at booths, cooking food, painting faces, monitoring bounce castles, and addressing brochures. This year’s event is on track to be our best ever for LCA. Already we have raised over $85,000 and we anticipate that number going much higher. We have been praying for $115,000 and we are well on our way.


We have sent reports home with the students that detail who gave in honor of your child. Also, we have either called or sent a letter to every single person who gave. It would be wonderful if you could take a few moments to thank these people as well. Please let them know how much we really do appreciate their spirit of generosity as they set an example of stewardship for our students.


Currently we are in the process of awarding our students for their excellent participation. Over 80% of our students participated and we are so excited to reward them. An email was sent home to each student who made it to either Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 that has all of the details and dates for these rewards.


Again, we thank the Lord for His favor on LCA, and we thank you for being so supportive of your school!


Enjoy the pictures and articles from some of our journalism students about Walk of Faith and Stay tuned for pictures from our the activities earned for Level 3 awards!


What is Walk of Faith Really About?


On Friday October 11, 2019, LCA hosted its annual Walk of Faith event. The Walk of Faith was host to many activities, but one of the main activities was the prayer walk. The Prayer Walk is where all students and faculty walk around the campus to different stations and pray. There were many groups of students that walked from station to station during the hour-long event. Each one of these groups consisted of one lower school class and one upper school class as well as their respective teachers.


The Prayer Walk this year consisted of six different stations. These stations were designed for each group to pray for certain people such as missionaries, pastors, and members of law enforcement. There were also stations designed to pray for other things such as our country, the families involved in LCA, and the future of LCA.


After praying at each of their assigned stations,  each group went to the parking lot near the upper school building for a time of praise and worship with Mrs. Henriques where students were able to give praise to the Lord for the blessings and He has provided to not just them, but to all of LCA.


- AJ Simeone, 12th grade











Then...the FUN!


The Walk of Faith is a fun half day of school featuring prayer, praise, and a carnival. At the carnival, there were several inflatables, a cake walk, a dunking booth, and perhaps the most popular activity, a gaga ball tournament. The winner of the tournament, Nathan Fruhwirth (10U), received $100, and runner-up Miles Tracy (6U), received $50. All in all, the Walk of Faith was an exciting break from school where students got a chance to pray for the school and have fun.


- Lydia Johnson, 9th grade

















student spot light


Luke McCoy is a Senior at LCA and dual-enrolled with Truett-McConnell College.  He is a Varsity Football player and a member of the Beta Club.  Luke is a member of Center Grove Church where he is active in the student ministry.  


Luke began Cub Scouts at the age of 6.  The different levels he achieved as a Cub Scout are Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Scout, and finally he received his Arrow Light Award April 24, 2012 and transitioned to a Boy Scout with Troop 26.  Luke achieved 27 Merit Badges as a  Boy Scout. They include:  Animal Science,  Aviation, Citizenship of the Nation, Cooking, Engineering, First Aid, Movie making, Personal Management, Sculpture, Art, Camping, Citizenship in the World, Electronics, Environmental Science, Horsemanship, Oceanography, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Swimming, Automotive Maintenance, Citizenship in the Community, Communication, Emergency Preparedness, Family Life, Metalwork, Personal Fitness, Rifle Shooting and Wood Carving.  The different levels of Boy Scouts are Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, Eagle Scout and Bronze Eagle Palm.


The final rank of Boy Scouts is Eagle Scout.  In order to become an Eagle Scout you must complete 21 badges and do a final project.  Luke earned 27 badges and as a result also received the Bronze Eagle Palm award.  Luke's final Eagle Scout project was to build Trophy Cases for LCA.  If you stop into the Upper School Building you can see those Trophy Cases.  They are beautiful and help us to display the many awards our LCA students have received.  Luke is a 3rd Generation Boy Scout behind his Grand Father and his Father Matt.  That is an amazing accomplishment!  Achieving Eagle Scout take a great deal of fortitude, commitment, and determination. 


We are so proud of Luke and his commitment to finish even when it was hard.  We should also mention Luke's mom and dad, Matt and Emily.  They work countless hours volunteering to help with LCA Football as well as many other LCA events.  This is what success looks like when parents have been invested in raising their child in Christian education, and teaching him that character counts by encouraging him to do hard things.  We are so thankful that the McCoy's are part of our LCA family!







Congratulations to 5th grader Meav Fouts from Mrs. Welborn's class!  She was awarded the "Student of the Month" in the Gainesville Rotary Club!!  The criteria for this award is outstanding leadership, strong academics, and exemplary behavior.  Great job Meav!




LCA Lightning Athletics


Our Lanier Lightning Team Spirit is contagious! 

If you haven't joined us at any of our athletic matches, we invite you to come and cheer on our students. 

It's a great opportunity to become part of the LCA Lightning community!    



           Middle School Football Regional Champs!!  Come out Thursday night 10/24 to Riverside Military Academy and cheer the MS Lightning Football team on to victory in the next round! 









                                                                    October 24:  NO SCHOOL!

                                                               MS Football GAPPS State Playoffs Round 1 Kickoff 6:30

                                                                                                       Riverside Military Academy    2001 Riverside Dr, Gainesville, GA 30501                    



                                                                   October 25:   NO SCHOOL!


                                                                   October 26:   GAPPS Cross Country State Meet

                                                                                                           Middle GA State University - 3450 Fulton Mill Rd, Macon, GA 30501


                                                                  November 1:   GAPPS State Football Playoff Quarterfinals-TBD


                                                                  November 8:  Grandparents Day-Students with Grandparents stay until 1:00pm

                                                                                            All other students released at 11:30

                                                                  November 4-8:  Scholastic Book Fair


                                                                  November 20:  Partnering with the President 8:00 am