The Lightning Round

Friday, September 13, 2019


homecoming week!!


LCA Homecoming Spirit Week Themed Days


Monday 9/16 - Western Day: Dress in your favorite western gear.  Students may not bring weapons or toy weapons of any kind including but not limited to holsters, pistols, bow and arrows, etc. Cowboy hats may be worn, but students may be asked to take them off if deemed a distraction by administration/teacher.



Wednesday 9/18 - Favorite Sports Teams Day: Wear spirit wear from your favorite college or professional sports teams. Hats may be worn at the discretion of the administration/teachers.



Friday 9/20 - LCA Blue and Green Day: Show your school spirit with school colors/spirit wear shirts. No hair color or face paint during the school day 


School uniform should be worn if not participating in the theme of the day.


walk of faith

 october 11th!



We begin praying for this day long before the day of the event, and it is always a wonderful day on our campus. It is even more exciting to see our students with heads bent in prayer as we take our Lightning Walk of Faith the day of the event.


The purpose of the Lightning Walk of Faith is to raise Annual Fund dollars which in turn helps support the students and programs of Lanier Christian Academy.  Our goal for this year’s Walk of Faith is $115,000.


On Monday, September 9th, your students brought home 15 brochures. We invite you to send them to close family, friends, and local area businesses that you patronize as an invitation encouraging others to participate in the vision we have for our graduates. We see LCA graduates impacting this community, state, nation, and world for Christ. We are asking each family to send out at least 15 brochures.  If you don't currently have a student at LCA please contact the office and we are happy to give you brochures to help us out!  This year we have ordered extra brochures, anticipating that we will have amazing participation. We will be challenging our students, faculty, and staff to send out a total of 7,500 brochures this year.


We have worked diligently to make this day a joy-filled experience for our students. By participating at the various levels, students will not only receive tickets to enjoy at the booths that day on the field, but will also enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they see their work benefiting their school. As a reward for their participation in the event, we have some amazing activities planned for your students.  The incentives will be awarded to students based on the families' level of participation.


So, I invite you now to begin praying with me for all that will happen on this important day.  Address your brochures to share with area businesses, family, and friends, join us October 11th as our students take their Lightning Walk of Faith, and watch our students on the field enjoy an incredible day. This is why we do what we do- because the children God has entrusted to our care deserve our very best.


We are excited to see what the Lord does, and we are excited to see you on October 11th!




lca hosts 9/11 patriot day event

by: Haley Vandegrift - 11th Grade

9/11 is remembered for the fear that stopped hearts as well as the heroes who died to help save lives. On September 11, 2019, Lanier Christian Academy held an assembly in remembrance of that day 18 years ago. Speakers, pastors, officers, and first responders were gathered to lead our school and community members in prayer and remembrance. The salute started with our very own seniors, Thomas Avery and Alex Foster. They led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Christian Flag. They were followed by singer, Rachel Mann, singing Proud to Be an American. After her, guests ranging from pastors to first responders spoke about  how even though we are blessed to be an American, we still go through trials, but we can take heart because this world is ultimately not our home.











September 30 special assembly ~ scott macintyre


Season 8 American Idol Finalist 




From his early days as a classical concert pianist to capturing the hearts of millions of American Idol viewers, Scott MacIntyre has never let challenges keep him from achieving his dreams. Having performed with such notable acts as Michael W. Smith, CeCe Winans, and Jeremy Camp, he has traveled the globe inspiring audiences with his music and story.Blind from birth and a two-time kidney transplant recipient, Scott has experienced God’s providence in the midst of suffering.


In his autobiographical book By Faith, Not By Sight, he writes about his journey of faith and how he learned to over come fear and trust God's plan for his life. He is living proof that God can take the most difficult of circumstances and work them together for good.


Scott was first diagnosed with stage-four kidney failure at nineteen years old, and after becoming extremely ill, he began emergency dialysis.  “The hardest thing for me was not having enough strength to play the piano and sing anymore,” says Scott. “It felt like my dreams were dying, but still I held on to hope.”  After a year on dialysis, his college piano teacher’s wife donated her kidney to Scott and saved his life.


It was less than a year later that he auditioned for American Idol. “Without that gift of life, I never would have been on American Idol, married my wife Christina, or been able to share my story with others. It was a very humbling experience to say the least.  ”That kidney transplant lasted for eight years, Then in September 2014, Scott was put back on the transplant waiting list for a deceased-donor kidney. Several months later, an anonymous living donor stepped forward and offered to undergo compatibility testing after hearing about Scott’s need on the radio.


In June 2015, Scott underwent his second successful kidney transplant and has since made a full recovery. The following year, Scott and his wife Christina welcomed their first baby into the world –Christian Scott MacIntyre, born September of 2016.  “When I was in kidney failure, we couldn’t have kids. So when my donor gave me the gift of life she not only saved my life but also allowed us to create a new life.”


Their story is recounted in the new documentary film, I Am Hope: Scott MacIntyre’s Inspirational Transplant Journey.  “I think there is such a strong parallel between my two kidney donors giving me the gift of life when I was powerless to save myself and Jesus Christ offering us the much greater gift of eternal life when we were powerless to save ourselves from sin.”  Scott has appeared on the 700 Club, Praise the Lord, Hour of Power, 100 Huntley Street, the Today Show, Huckabee, and many other programs.


In 2010, Scott was honored by Dr. Robert and Arvella Schuller with the annual award for "promoting positive values in the media." In 2012, he partnered with Donate Life America and FOX to launch a national PSA for organ, eye, and tissue donation. He wrote a song for the PSA entitled "I Am Hope," and it quickly became a theme song for the transplant community. The song was released on Scott's 2014 album Lighthouse. Scott is married to his wife Christina who travels with him in fulltime ministry.  They live in Scottsdale, AZ with their son Christian.


truth about vaping event






 Are you concerned about the affects things in culture have on your children?  You are invited to come to this informative event to educate yourself and your children of the dangers involved in this epedemic.












LCA Lightning Athletics


Our Lanier Lightning Team Spirit is contagious! 

If you haven't joined us at any of our athletic matches, we invite you to come and cheer on our students. 

It's a great opportunity to become part of the LCA Lightning community!



















Teacher Highlight ~ Ric Williams

This is a surprise Teacher Highlight!  It was brought to our attention that Ric Williams had been nominated for something special so we thought no better time than the present to honor this special teacher.


His wife recently posted this on Facebook:  "On Sunday, he was ordained as a deacon for Belmont Baptist. How do you put into words you're proud of his life, his legacy, his actions that make a church elect him as a servant leader? He was one of 5 elected, I'm proud to know them all, but he's mine."


We here at LCA can also say that we are proud of Mr. Williams.  We love him!   We are grateful for his heart for our students and the example he sets. He has a great sense of humor!  You will always find kids in his classes smiling as they learn.  We appreciate all he does...especially in the technology area helping us get set up with student devices!  He came in over the summer to help with some projects in the classrooms so that teachers would be ready with everything they needed when school began.


When you see Mr. Williams in the hallways...give him a high five and thank him for his example!  His church recognized the impact he makes there...even more so at LCA!





               September 16:   4:30 pm   MS Volleyball HOME vs Gainesville Middle


                                                      September 17:    4:30 pm   MS, JV, and Varsity Volleyball HOME vs. Peachtree Academy


                                                                                   6:30 to 8:30 pm   High School Parent/Student College Information Night

                                                                                                                    Kids Worship Center                                                                                                                               

                                                      September 18:   Progress Reports


                      September 19:   4:30 pm MS Volleyball @ Tallulah Falls                                    

                                                                                                                    201 Campus Dr, Tallulah Falls GA

                                                                                  6:00 pm Varsity Volleyball @ Westminster Christian Academy

                                                                                                                   1640 New High Shoals Rd, Watkinsville GA

                                                                                  6:00 pm MS Football @ Community Christian Academy

                                                                                                                   2001 Jodeco Rd, Stockbridge GA

                                                   September 20:   7:30 pm Varsity Football HOMECOMING Game vs. Kings Academy                  

                                                                                                                Gainesville Middle School


                                                   September 21:   7:00-11:00 pm Homecoming Dance

                                                                                                                The Venue At Friendship Springs

                                                                                                                 7340 Friendship Springs Blvd, Flowery Branch, GA