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LCA Dual Enrollment



Dual Enrollment at Lanier Christian Academy is designed for juniors and seniors on an LCA diploma program who wish to enter college on a part time basis and earn college credit while they complete the requirements for graduation from LCA.  The  purpose of this program is to provide students who are academically prepared and on track for an LCA diploma, the opportunities and challenges of advanced course work while they continue to enjoy the benefits of the caring Christian environment of Lanier Christian’s high school program. This guidance is offered to effectively “partner with parents to transform students to be tomorrow’s Christ-centered, servant leaders; equipping students spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”


Dual Enrollment candidates should be exemplary in conduct, Christian character, and academic strength. Not all students are mature enough to take on the challenge of a secular campus and the freedoms that accompany this opportunity. Internal preapproval is required since admission to the program is not automatically granted.



LCA will partner with Truett-McConnell University and the University of North Georgia, and Lanier Technical College for dual enrollment options; however, other college and technical school courses may be considered.


Taught through a Biblical Worldview, Truett-McConnell University is a private university that shares our vision for students to be Christ followers. Qualified juniors and seniors may pursue advanced studies while receiving high school and college credit simultaneously. LCA has TMU approved faculty to teach one or more TMU courses and will also offer TMU courses through its online program. More information can be viewed at the TMU website:


Additionally, due to its close proximity and program offerings, LCA will partner with UNG for dual enrollment. While a secular university, UNG offers many programs that our students may wish to pursue within the University System of Georgia. Depending on scheduling for both UNG and LCA, students may be able to take courses on the UNG campus or via its e-core online program. View additional information on the UNG website:



Dual Enrollment Benefits:

  • Students experience and gain confidence in doing college work.
  • Courses qualify for both high school and college credit
  • Courses are provided through fully accredited programs and are accepted as transferrable college credits*
  • Credit hours earned do not count toward the limit of postsecondary hours paid through the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship programs


Student Enrollment Requirements:

  • Full-time junior or senior at Lanier Christian Academy on an LCA diploma plan
  • Must indicate GPA and grades in courses in previous /pre-requisite courses of courses you plan to dual enroll
  • SAT/ACT score or upcoming test date
  • Must have recommendation of teacher in same content area



LCA juniors are recommended to take one dual enrollment course in the social studies content area or an elective in order to ease the student into dual enrollment classes.  Since the curriculum of the junior year has many upper level courses that students need as academic foundation in order to be successful in college, only one course for juniors is recommended.  Juniors may take one dual enrollment course.  Advisement and pre-approval are needed in order to take a dual enrollment course as a junior.


Seniors may take one or more dual enrollment courses. Typically, these have been in math and English; however, student advisement and course pre-approval for dual enrollment courses will better determine which course(s) students should take for successful completion. Seniors may be eligible to take a maximum of two classes off campus (at UNG) pending that course times work with the LCA schedule so that students can fulfill high school graduation requirements.


If students take UNG courses not offered on the LCA campus, students will receive a tuition discount. Students who choose to take courses that are already offered on the LCA campus at another site may do so; however, no tuition discount will be given.



*Note: Students/families should understand that ultimately it is up to the discretion of the attending college whether/how DE courses transfer. Typically, a student must have at least a C in the course. Sometimes an additional SAT score is also required. In addition, acceptance of college credit for completion of high school graduation requirements is at the discretion of LCA. Students must adhere to the college’s “satisfactory academic progress” status to continue taking courses via dual enrollment.


** Official acceptance from UNG, TMU, or LTC does not guarantee that dual enrollment courses will automatically fit into a student’s schedule.