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The music coursework at Lanier Christian Academy is designed to develop musical literacy from the youngest grade levels through college preparatory work.  At every level, we hope to develop musicianship that will prepare them to appreciate the God-given gift of music either as a professional musician, a community participant, or as a discerning audience member.


Early elementary classes are geared toward using the voice and body to make music, emphasizing internal rhythm and singing high and low pitches.  Starting in the 3rd grade, students learn how to read musical notation and the pitches of a keyboard.  Instruction in rhythm is taught in connection with fundamentals of math, particularly in adding, subtracting, and dividing fractions.


At the upper school level, musical literacy is reinforced along with developing the natural voice.  Students practice correct diction and vowel placement, rhythmic accuracy, choral intonation, and music reading skills. 


All grade levels have performance opportunities throughout the year.  The senior high performance choir performs yearly in the ACSI Music Festival and has earned straight superiors for the last four consecutive years.  LCA is expanding this competition to middle school as the middle school treble choir will participate in the festival this year.