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Faculty & Staff

Traditional Model

Name Position Email Address
Cassie Adams Faculty [email protected]
Aimee Anderson Counselor [email protected]
Blake Anderson Athletic Director [email protected]
Clancy Bourgeois Faculty [email protected]
Harry Champy Faculty [email protected]
Carol Cox Lower School Principal [email protected]
Teresa Gruver Faculty [email protected]
Heather Henriques Faculty [email protected]
Brittany Huckle Faculty [email protected]
Bailey Humphrey Faculty [email protected]
Laura Keefer Faculty [email protected]
Ruth Ann Knight Faculty [email protected]
Morgan Kulig Faculty [email protected]
Stephanie Lankford Faculty [email protected]
Joel Lulinski Learning Center Coordinator [email protected]
Brian Morris Traditional Model Upper School Principal [email protected]
John Pae Faculty [email protected]
Carol Peck Faculty [email protected]
Daryl Person Faculty [email protected]
Ben Phillips Faculty [email protected]
Rebecca Purcell Faculty [email protected]
Justina Roberts Faculty [email protected]
Claire Sloan Faculty [email protected]
Sandy Snelling Faculty [email protected]
Kim Wasden Faculty [email protected]
Heather Welborn Faculty [email protected]
Cortney Whiting Faculty [email protected]